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Quand il s'agit de mes ateliers, je suis une prof très enthousiaste. J'aime sincèrement enseigner des outils et d'autres informations que je considère avoir été chanceuse d'acquérir pendant mes années de cheminement.

Si les dates des événements publiques ne te conviennent pas, peut-être que tu aimerais monter ton propre groupe pour un atelier privé ! C'est pas mal simple et les prix sont raisonnables.

LANGUE DE L'ÉVÉNEMENT : L'événement aura lieu dans la langue dans laquelle il est décrit ci-bas.


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LUNDI, le 9 novembre - 19 à 21 H (ET) : Your Inner Critic: Dial It Down



Groupe de soutien pour COVID-19 et au-delà

Chaque MARDI après-midi - 13h à 14h30
Chaque MERCREDI soir - 19h30 à 21h



Reporté jusqu'à nouvel ordre : FREE Holistic Meet & Mingle




Your Inner Critic: Dial It Down (en anglais)

Date : Lundi, le 9 novembre 2020 - Heure : 19 à 21 H
Coût : 25 $
Lieu : Enligne - Voici le lien Zoom
Contact : 514-770-1608 - Questions/Réservations

Here's what my Inner Critic says to me?

  • Why bother?
  • No one wants to use your crazy techniques.
  • As if that hot guy would ever find you attractive!
  • There you go, eating sugar again.
  • Don't say your opinion, people won't like you.
  • Those other coaches have it all together. You're a mess!

What does yours say to you?

Whatever it is, it's never pleasant or supportive. Join me and learn how to turn its volume down so low that you can't really hear it any more.

Hard to believe but the Inner Critic is well-meaning. It’s usually concerned about our physical or emotional security. It’s a relic from a time when maybe we needed to play small, stay invisible, conform or please others to stay safe – but it’s misinformed.

Today, it’s no longer serving us; in fact, it’s hampering our ability to grow, to blossom into our most authentic selves, to try new and interesting things. It may be undermining our confidence, interfering in our relationships with others and limiting our ability to thrive in our work environments.

Using EFT, Havening and an NLP technique, we’ll uncover the face and personality of this part of you that puts you down. We’ll explore its motivations and concerns and turn down the volume on the voice inside your head. We may even convince it to become your cheerleader instead!

We will do some powerful exercises during these two hours and you will go home and be able to apply some of these simple healing techniques on your own to continue turning the volume down.

This is an ONLINE EVENT!

Here's the Zoom link:

Just click the link above and, if you don't already have it, install the Zoom application when asked.

To register, please send your payment of $25.

Best ways:

e-Transfer to
Paypal (non-Canadians or non-e-Transfer people):
Paypal Link


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FREE Tapping Support Group for COVID-19 and Beyond

Après-midis : Mardis Heure : 13h à 14h30
Soirs : Mercredis Heure : 19h30 à 21h

Coût : GRATUIT (des dons sont le bienvenu mais AUCUNEMENT requis)
Lieu : Zoom en ligne video chats (see links below in description)
Contact Kelly: 514-770-1608 - Questions/Reservations

I am offering a FREE online tapping circle to support people in dealing with the negative emotions that are coming up for so many around the coronavirus or with any other issue (relationships, finances, work, co-workers, etc.) that you might have going on.

We will be using imagination, visualization, EFT/Tapping (an amazingly powerful tool) and the combined energy of the group to reduce our anxiety, anger, sadness, powerlessness, frustration, guilt, etc. relating to the virus or any other problem you are addressing and everything it might mean, including changes to our lives and those of our loved ones.

We will do the work in a dissociated way as much as possible. We want as little overwhelm as possible so we will do this more with symbolism and body sensations rather than discussion at least in the beginning when emotions will likely be high.

If you'd like to join us, please have with you for the session, paper and pens/coloured pencils. THIS IS NOT ABOUT ART OR BEING ARTISTIC. You will be the only one to see the images and they are only meant to be symbols. I'm a stick-figure kind of artist myself.

Feel free to share the information with anyone anywhere in the world who you think could attend and would benefit.

Join me every week from now until it's no longer needed:

S'il y a assez de demande, je pourrais facilement faire un groupe en français aussi. Contactez-moi si ça vous intéresse.

If you need more information, contact me.


• ♥ • ♥ • ♥ • ♥ • ♥ •


These events are completely FREE no matter what, however, I do accept any donations in any amount at any time that you can and want to make.

Best ways:

e-Transfer to
Paypal (non-Canadians):
Paypal Link


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FREE Holistic Meet 'n' Mingle


Prochaine date : Reporté jusqu'à nouvel ordre

La rencontre mensuelle Meet & Mingle. Éventuellement, nous recommencerons à se rencontrer le premier jeudi de chaque mois.

Que vous soyez débutant/e dans les idées de guérison holistique, simplement curieux/se au sujets de la métaphysique ou vous êtes déjà pronfondément enraciné/e dans ce monde non-traditionnel, sentez-vous à l'aise de venir passer la soirée à jaser, partager des idées, poser des questions et peut-être recevoir une lecture gratuite si quelqu'un amène leurs cartes d'oracles ou de tarot. C'est très informel. On ne sait jamais qui on va rencontrer ni ce qui peut arriver.

Ce serait notre grand plaisir si vous veniez vous joindre à nous au Rockaberry à Kirkland pour faire la connaissance d'autres montréalais partageant les mêmes points de vue et pour faire un peu de réseautage holistique. :)

Vous pouvez également garder le contact avec Enzo et moi-même à travers nos groupes sur Facebook et nos sites web :



Nous espérons vous voir lors de notre prochaine rencontre !


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Intro to EFT/Tapping Workshop


Date : dimanche, le 16 février 2020 - Heure : 13 à 15H00
Coût : 40 $
Lieu : Centre holistique Révélations Holistic Center - Plan
Contacter Michèle : 514-620-8779 - Questions/Réservations


Do you have lots of daily stress?

Experience performance anxiety?

Suffer from chronic pain?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a simple holistic technique you can use to: relax, better manage your pain, improve your game, feel calm during exams or interviews, improve sleep and lots of other possibilities!

It’s a scientifically proven technique that rewires the brain by sending calming signals to the amygdala, the brain's alarm system, allowing both the body and the mind to release limitations from negative experiences, emotions, thoughts and more.

Join us for a 2-hour workshop on how to use this technique for self-care and understand when it's best to bring in a professional.

Improve your life, learn to "Tap"!


• ♥ • ♥ • ♥ • ♥ • ♥ •

Associated event:

There will be a 60-minute guided meditation following the EFT workshop and we ask for $20/person. This meditation will allow you to integrate the changes and transformation created by using EFT.

There is no obligation to attend the meditation but it will be beneficial if you decide to join us.

You may attend ONLY the meditation at 3pm. It is open to all, whether you come to the EFT workshop or not. Again, reservations are necessary.

Michèle will play the crystal bowls for this meditation. She will guide you to a wonderful place of peace where you will receive a spiritual gift from your guides and be wrapped in love.


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