Personal Consultations


How long is a session? 1 hour 15 minutes



Where does the session take place? Client's preference:

  • By Zoom video chat (similar to Skype but better quality)
  • Face-to-face in the client's space (West Island and mid-to-western Montreal area)*
  • In a rental space (cost of the rental space and any parking is added to the cost of the session)

* For sessions involving travel: Pre-arrangement with me is necessary. Depending on distance and other factors, I cannot always accept.



What happens during a session?


  • A brief explanation of the techniques and what to expect
  • A quick discussion of the issue(s) that you would like to deal with (emotional, physical, spiritual)
  • Exploration of the possible roots of the issue(s)
  • Working through the chosen issue using any techniques necessary to find a satisfying resolution
  • Testing the new reaction to the issue (as deeply as possible where the issue permits)



How much does a session cost? Check the FEES page for prices and contact me directly to book an appointment. Keep in mind the "cost" of feeling like your life is not how you would like it to be. How much is it costing you to stay stuck where you are and how much is your future well-being worth.



How can I make an appointment? Go to the CONTACT page and choose your prefered mode of communication.

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